Episode 108: Special Guest Andy Mulder of Mulder Outdoors!


March 18th, 2024

1 hr 6 mins 56 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this week episode, Sean and Catherine have a chance to sit down with Andy Mulder of Mulder Outdoor! Andy discusses the importance of running a debt-free business and the impact it has had on his life and company. He shares his journey to becoming debt-free and the mindset shift that occurred after taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class. Andy emphasizes the freedom and flexibility that being debt-free provides, allowing him to make smarter decisions for his business. He also highlights the importance of having a clear vision and principles to guide decision-making and the need to remove emotion when making financial choices. In this conversation, Andy Mulder discusses his podcast and hardscape mastery course, highlighting his passion for teaching and helping others. He explains the purpose of the hardscape mastery course and the value it provides to small business owners. Andy emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with experts and learning from others to improve your business skills. He also discusses the power of networking and building relationships in the industry. The conversation concludes with a discussion on celebrating wins and avoiding the constant pursuit of leveling up, and the importance of authenticity in business.


-Running a debt-free business provides freedom and flexibility.
-Having a clear vision and principles helps guide decision-making.
-Taking time to evaluate purchases and remove emotion can lead to smarter financial choices.
-Being debt-free allows for a healthier relationship with money and the ability to make decisions based on long-term goals.
-Podcasts and courses can be valuable platforms for teaching and sharing knowledge with others in your industry.
-Surrounding yourself with experts and learning from others can greatly improve your business skills.
-Networking and building relationships with like-minded individuals can provide support and valuable insights.
-It is important to celebrate wins and successes in your business and take time to appreciate your achievements.
-Authenticity and being true to yourself are key in building a successful business.