Episode 109 - Spring has sprung!


April 1st, 2024

55 mins 28 secs

Season 1

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this conversation, Sean and Catherine catch up after missing a week and discuss their excitement for spring. They talk about waking up early and joining a gym to stay fit. They apologize for promoting the 5 AM rule and share their upcoming projects in the spring. They also discuss their personal plans for the season, including boating and cookouts. Overall, the conversation revolves around the themes of fitness, outdoor activities, and the joy of springtime. In this episode, the hosts engage in casual conversation about springtime and their personal preferences. They then reflect on different career paths and the motivations behind them. The conversation shifts to the recent Baltimore bridge collapse and its impact on infrastructure. Finally, they provide an update on their book club and encourage listeners to join in. Overall, the episode covers a range of topics from lighthearted banter to more serious discussions.

-Waking up early and joining a gym can help maintain a fitness routine.
-Spring is an exciting time for outdoor activities and projects.
-It's important to apologize and correct any misconceptions or mistakes.
-Personal plans for spring, such as boating and cookouts, can bring joy and relaxation. Springtime brings a sense of joy and excitement.
-People have different motivations for their career choices.
-Infrastructure plays a crucial role in society and its collapse can have far-reaching consequences.
-Engaging in book clubs can be a fun and enriching experience.