Episode 110: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!


April 8th, 2024

1 hr 1 min 37 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this conversation, Sean and Catherine discuss their week, including the rainy weather and an earthquake. They then shift to talking about Premier's plans to build a new headquarters on his property. After considering a pole barn, Sean decides to go with a prefab option. He explains that the building will be designed and prefabricated off-site, with panels and roof trusses delivered to the site for assembly. This method is expected to save time and make the construction process more efficient. They also briefly discuss Home Depot's acquisition of SRS distributors and the future of construction. The conversation explores the changing landscape of the construction industry, with a focus on the rise of prefabrication and the acquisition of SRS Distribution by Home Depot. The hosts discuss the benefits and drawbacks of prefabrication, including increased efficiency and reduced waste, but also concerns about craftsmanship and quality. They also speculate on Home Depot's strategy and the potential for monopolies in the industry. The conversation concludes with a lighthearted discussion about playing Monopoly and the importance of embracing change and seizing opportunities.