Episode 117: Lessons Learned From Ex-Employees!


June 10th, 2024

55 mins 57 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this conversation, Sean and Catherine discuss various topics, including tan lines, the use of AI in generating content, and an employee's decision to quit their job. Sean reflects on the lack of authenticity in using AI to generate responses and the degradation of authenticity on the internet. They also discuss the importance of putting one's own thoughts and perspectives out into the world. The conversation ends with Sean sharing a life lesson about the importance of follow-through and consistency in the workplace. In this conversation, Sean and Catherine discuss the importance of consistency and follow-through in leadership. They share examples of frustrating experiences with inconsistent leaders and the negative impact it can have on employees. They also discuss the value of fostering initiative and independence in employees, as well as the importance of maintaining positive relationships with former employees. Sean reflects on the need to find a system for staying organized and on top of tasks. The conversation concludes with a reminder to be kind and treat others well.