Episode 119: Uh oh, are leads slowing down?!


June 24th, 2024

57 mins 46 secs

Season 1

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This weeks conversation begins with a discussion about technical difficulties and the milestone of reaching 1 million followers. Sean and Cather debate the significance of follower count and emphasize the importance of community and engagement. They also touch on the topic of slowing down leads in the current economy. The conversation then transitions to a lighthearted discussion about having a catch and the joy it brings. They express the desire to experiment and deepen the connection with their community. In this conversation, Sean and Catherine discuss various topics including having a catch, the slowdown in leads, and the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI). They share their experiences and perspectives on these subjects. Sean emphasizes the importance of enjoying the present moment and not panicking about the slowdown in leads. Catherine suggests not relying on air conditioning when working outside in the heat. They also touch on the potential risks of AI and the need for caution in its development.