Episode 120: The Power of Dissent


July 1st, 2024

38 mins 44 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this conversation, Catherine and Sean discuss various topics, including mushroom coffee, leadership styles, and the importance of dissent in a team or business. Sean shares insights from a podcast interview with the former CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, who emphasizes the value of disagreements and cultivating an environment where dissent is encouraged. They also touch on the challenges of maintaining a balance between loyalty and constructive criticism within a team. In this conversation, Sean and Catherine discuss the importance of encouraging dissent and differing opinions in the workplace. They highlight the value of open discussions and debates in generating the best ideas and outcomes. They also touch on the topic of software hacks and the potential impact on businesses, emphasizing the need for backup plans and cybersecurity measures. The conversation concludes with a mention of upcoming guest appearances on the podcast.